Fork in the Road Redesign

We took a website for a local restaurant in need of some love and redesigned it for a wider audience.

Website after redesign

Overview of Fork in the Road Redesign

This was a group project for my Web Communication and Design 2 class. Our group identified the site as needing an update and created a creative brief and SWOT analysis to figure out what kind of brand we wanted to create to prioritize audience engagement and increase sales. We identified a strong opportunity in community engagement as small businesses have become more popular in recent years and because the restaurant is close to The University of Texas at Arlington a strong social media presence will likely help them tap into the market of nearby young people. To improve in these areas, we added an about page where the restaurant has the opportunity to build a stronger brand and humanize their business by adding employee bios, and we added a photos page with a social media highlight element to encourage posting. We also redesigned the logo for a simpler more modern feel.


This is the old website homepage

This is the old website homepage

This is the new website homepage

This is the new website homepage

This is the new logo.

I felt that the Fork in the Road needed a new logo so I made this one. I wanted it to be simple, but still quirky and fun.


  • The audience will be people of all ages. Due to the restaurant's location (proximity to a University), the largest population of our audience will be aged 18-23, this age is typically more low income. This restaurant will be appealing to young, college graduate-aged adults. Ages 23-30. Education level is likely low to middle, as a high amount of the customers will be students.
  • Another audience will be families, including grandparents, so specifically parents and grandparents, making ages 30-80. The pricing is appealing to low-income as well as others.
  • With a majority of our target audience being college-educated and young to middle-aged, the likelihood that the majority of our population has a sufficient amount of computer knowledge is high. This includes a proclivity for engaging and using social media.


In our redesign approach, we centered our efforts on engaging with our primary audience. These individuals will appreciate the updated design, aligning it with other websites while elevating social media engagement as a priority. The Fork in the Road Diner exudes a cozy, charming atmosphere with its eclectic decor, a quality we aimed to reflect in the website's design. We were committed to creating a warm and inviting online space that mirrors the diner's unique ambiance. User-friendliness was a paramount concern for us, ensuring that visitors would feel at ease navigating the site. We steered clear of unusual design choices to ensure the website's familiarity from the very first visit, aligning seamlessly with established internet conventions.