Moma Zuma's chips advertisement

A fun assignment for my advertising design class

Overview of Moma Zuma's chips advertisement

For this assignment in my Digital Advertising Design class, I was tasked to create a two-part advertising campaign of posters for this kitschy brand of extremely spicy potato chips. I came up with many thumbnail sketches, and these album-cover-themed ones struck a chord with my classmates. I wanted to emphasize the hardcore, rock-and-roll aspect of these chips and make something eye-catching that people might hang in their homes just for aesthetic value. These ads were incredibly fun to make and my classmates liked the dietary advisory sticker.


Cover for an Album called Songs of Vengeance
Album cover of a skull breathing fire that says the word fire
Thumbnail sketches

These are some of the thumbnails I came up with

more thumbnails

These are more of the thumbnails I came up with