A few of the pages I made for MICHI

Image of the Wilson lab research page

Overview of MICHI Pages

While I was the webmaster at the Multi Interprofessional Center for Health Informatics I made several pages using WordPress and the DIVI plugin. I can't take credit for the entire site and changes have been made since I graduated but these are some pages I am particularly proud of. This position put my strong communication skills to good use and gave me an opportunity to focus on design rather than technical projects. It also provided experience designing within a pre-existing visual style, as all UTA pages have consistent colors and fonts.


Image of the Wilson lab publications page

This was one of the pages I made for the Wilson Lab of Dr. Gabriela Mustata Wilson. I made the layout and created the second image from scratch in Adobe Illustrator.

Image of the Wilson Lab research page.

This is another page I made for the Wilson Lab. The Icons are Lottie animations I made in Adobe After Effects. There was a lot of information that needed to fit on this page and I tried to find a way to present it that would be pleasant to look at.

Homepage for the TexBioMed summer program.

I wanted to make the menu on this sub-page special so I added icons next to the page names. This was another page with a lot of information on it. This page has been updated by my successor, but the main design was mine. There is a lot more information on this page than is shown in this screenshot, and all of the TexBioMed pages are some of my best work for MICHI.

TexBioMed Calender Page

This calendar page was one of the most complex ones I made. The menu links to each month and if you click that month it auto-scrolls to that part of the page. I was the first person to implement that feature on the MICHI site.

an icon of gears with images inside meant to represent biomedical health informatics.

I made this Icon in Adobe Illustrator. It's meant to visually represent the concept of Biomedical Health Informatics.

an eye with some techy lines in it

This icon is meant to represent biotechnology.

Several hexagons with images in them meant to represent health informatics

An icon meant to represent health informatics

A pill with some stuff coming out of it

An icon meant to represent Pharmacohealth Informatics

An Icon meant to represent Public Health Informatics that's a bunch of people cutouts holding hands under the earth

An Icon meant to represent Public Health Informatics

an open book with hexagons meant to represent the concept of health informatics coming out

I made this image in Adobe Illustrator