David's Barbeque Website Redesign

This local business was in need of a website revamp.

Generic image of Barbeque food

Overview of David's Barbeque Website Redesign

This charming local business has a basic HTML site that does not fit in with the current media landscape. They also have no online marketing or e-commerce; poor search engine optimization and the website is not mobile-friendly or accessible. For this group project, I worked with my classmate Cortney McDonald to bring their site into the twenty-first century. We implemented several PHP-based dynamic features in the site such as a menu that changes based on the time of day, a homepage that prioritizes different aspects of the business based on the user's location or if the user has previously put in a promo code, ads on the menu that change based promo codes and time of day, and an aesthetically functional checkout system. Our focus for the site was on the community aspect of the restaurant, so the "our story" page was prominent on the site along with other credibility cues. We also put a heavy focus on mobile users as they are likely to be a major part of the clientele.


New David's Homepage

This is the new David's Barbeque home page

The old David's home page

This is what the current David's home page looks like


  • Families who are looking for affordable food they can all enjoy together.
  • People who want an easy, convenient way to support a local small business.


We began this project with a SWOT analysis and it grew organically from there. It was obvious to place a high priority on mobile ordering, catering, and the "our Story" page. We wanted the menu to look good and work well on mobile, and we also wanted people outside of Texas to be able to interact with David's so we made a store with bottled barbeque sauce and T-shirts that would ship nationwide. We wanted to make sure the site looked, stylish, legitimate, and contemporary, and I think it turned out well.